1. I am excited to announce a small publication I have produced. In my mind, it is what halfway between a zine and a book would look like. I’ve deemed it to be a zook. Do share via REBLOG / RT and spread the word, details are below.

    Two Roofs by Tony Luong

    Published May, 2012
    70 pages
    Softcover, Perfect-bound
    8.5 x 11”
    Edition of 50, First Edition
    Signed and Hand-numbered

    First 25 to Pre-Order will receive an 8 x 10” print from the project!


    $26.00 / includes shipping (Please select INT if shipping internationally)


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    Tony’s work has really been coming together lately. I’m excited to see this book!
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    Luong’s work here a few times before. He just released a zine/book (zook?) with
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    So stoked to get this!
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    Holler at this people! Tony makes really nice work and I would imagine this will be dope. I just ordered mine.
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